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How Underperforming Commercial Corridors are Crafting a Healthier, Better Connected Future

Nearly every community in the country is home to an underperforming commercial corridor. Dismal, dirty, and disconnected, these places may yet represent the last great smart growth and infill opportunity. How can urban and suburban arterials be re­envisioned as healthy places, with more housing, better transportation options, appealing land use patterns, and reinvigorated retail centers? How can corridors work smarter to attract tenants and enhance walkability? This panel features key participants and takeaways from ULI’s ongoing focus on healthy corridors.


* Melani V. Smith of Meléndrez
* Council Member Ben Quintana of the City of Boise, Idaho
* Sharon Roerty of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
* Joaquin Torres of the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development
* John W. Vick of the Metro Public Health Department of Nashville, Tennessee
* David Thorpe of Shaw Construction

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