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October 2018 Member Spotlight: Anne Teague Landis

ULI: How has ULI Louisiana impacted your career growth at Landis?

Anne Teague Landis: My experiences with ULI Louisiana have helped me to have a clearer understanding of the different viewpoints of the larger development team. This was perhaps especially true through my participation in the Local Product Council where the confidential setting really fosters curiosity and open dialogue. I believe that successful projects should be successful for all players involved. The opportunity to interface so much with practitioners in the varying parts of development and gain that clearer understanding has helped me to better communicate priorities to my team.

ULI: As the newly minted District Chair-Elect, what are some of your goals for ULI Louisiana?

 ATL: I feel very fortunate to be stepping toward the District Chair role when the organization is in such a stable state. Primarily, I hope to continue increasing engaging and value for ULI members.

 ULI: What is your favorite ULI Louisiana Program?

ATL: They all have a lot to offer. I always particularly enjoy small settings so got a lot out of my participation in the Local Product Council. Also notable in the last year were the Canal Street Facade Tour with the DDD, and site visits via Coffees & Content. Getting involved in District committees has been really great as well.

ULI: What are you most proud of as CEO of one of New Orleans’s largest General Contractors?

 ATL: I am proud of Landis’s ability to roll with the punches. Times are not always as good as you would like them to be; we’ve done a really good job of having a long term view and setting ourselves up for success accordingly. Also, I recently heard a former subcontractor tell of how he always has known Landis to be fair and do what we can for our building partners, even when we were in very difficult times ourselves.

In general, I’m super proud of what my dad has done with the company that his father started, and that I get to continue and advance those efforts going forward.

ULI: What are you most passionate about in regard to the future of our city?

ATL: I really want to see our city equalize opportunity as best we can within our community. That drives the organizations I want to participate with and support. One thing I have always loved about New Orleans is our dedication to quality of life – it’s not just about getting there, but enjoying it along the way. I want both those pieces for more of our people.

ULI: Finally, when you are able to catch a break, what’s your favorite thing to do in your down time?

 ATL: When I get the chance, I really love to disconnect and just chill, preferably in the outdoors – sailing or camping or hanging at the beach with my family.

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