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Charity Hospital Advisory Services Panel Reveals Recommendations for Reuse

On Friday November 10, 2017, an Advisory Services Panel of the Urban Land Institute hired by the owner of the Charity Hospital site, The LSU Real Estate Facilities Foundation, revealed their recommendations for the reuse of the site. After creating guiding principles for the redevelopment process, the 10-member panel presented 3 multi-use socially conscious, financially sustainable scenarios for consideration. Their power point presentation may be viewed HERE. A recording of the entire presentation may be seen HERE.

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ULI Louisiana Sponsors Trapolin Peer Architects Releases Renderings for World Trade Center

New Four Seasons World Trade Center Renderings Released!

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Leading Voices with ULI: Scott Cowan of Tulane University

Scott Cowen President Emeritus, Tulane University HEAR THE PODCAST How does one prepare for an unexpected crisis? Scott Cowen managed to lead Tulane University through Hurricane Katrina, strengthening the student body and city of New Orleans in the process by strategically integrating the two. Click here to learn more about Scott Cowen and the rebuilding of Tulane and New Orleans. Click here to learn more about the Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives.  

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How Three Global Cities Are Working with the Private Sector to Create Housing, Public Spaces

How Three Global Cities Are Working with the Private Sector to Create Housing, Public Spaces   For centuries, the success of countries has been determined by the strength of their leadership. Now cities are realising that effective leadership and a clear vision are required to make them successful and competitive in a globalised world. What are city leaders doing to become more competitive? How are they contending with changing demographics? How do they balance short-term political goals with the long-term focus required for sustainable urban development? How are they using … Read More

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Download the Full Version Under Publications

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Fastest Growing Neighborhoods in New Orleans

Thank you to the Canal Street Beat for featuring materials from the ULI Hines Competition held in New Orleans in the spring of 2015. Here are the Fastest Growing neighborhoods in New Orleans! A map of mid-city from ULI’s Hines competition. On Monday (Aug. 15), the Data Center released its new population counts by neighborhood, showing which areas of the city have rebounded after Hurricane Katrina. We’ve taken a look at the findings, and included some of the conclusions below. Overall, there are 20 neighborhoods that now have more people than … Read More

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Jessica Goldman Srebnick of Goldman Properties discusses developing connections between art and public space.

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Grocery-Anchored Retail: Still a Safe Bet?

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How Underperforming Commercial Corridors are Crafting a Healthier, Better Connected Future

Nearly every community in the country is home to an underperforming commercial corridor. Dismal, dirty, and disconnected, these places may yet represent the last great smart growth and infill opportunity. How can urban and suburban arterials be re­envisioned as healthy places, with more housing, better transportation options, appealing land use patterns, and reinvigorated retail centers? How can corridors work smarter to attract tenants and enhance walkability? This panel features key participants and takeaways from ULI’s ongoing focus on healthy corridors. Speakers: * Melani V. Smith of Meléndrez * Council Member … Read More

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Get Connected with the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative

For more on the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative, visit

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