History of ULI Louisiana

The origin of something truly significant often begins with a real visionary. It was no different for the beginning of the ULI Louisiana chapter.

History of ULI Louisiana

In the New Orleans real estate community, his name is synonymous with greatness. Joseph Canizaro, a local developer, had joined the Urban Land Institute and realized the impact and reach the organization had nationally. He decided that Louisiana needed an active advocate for the real estate industry so he organized a power breakfast and invited some of the most successful local developers. In 1989, ULI Louisiana (not yet certified) was founded.

Upon those who were called to the table were David Waltemath, Pres Kabokoff and James Maurin. Throughout the next couple of years, this group spearheaded numerous panels and truly left a mark on the real estate industry within the Louisiana community. ULI panels included Canal Street (1989), Lower Garden District (1993), Harrah’s Casino (1996), Downtown New Orleans (1998), Algiers/Behrman Park (1998).

Under the leadership of James Maurin (2001 – 2003), the Louisiana chapter actively grew its membership from 84 people to 122 members and hosted panels for programs such as the University of New Orleans Tech Park (2002) and Lake Forest Plaza Shopping Mall (2003).

In the Spring of 2004, New Orleans and ULI Louisiana played host to the ULI Spring Meeting where over 2,200 members convened in the Crescent City. This large meeting brought together top decision makers and industry experts from every sector of real estate. Under the direction of Reid Falconer, the chapter size increased to 138 members, and began to engage the Young Leaders and Students as a key demographic.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005 ravaging the Gulf Coast, claiming more than 1,800 lives and causing over $81 billion in damages. Following Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans needed the expertise of the Urban Land Institute and so an elite group of real estate professionals formed an Advisory Panel for the rebuilding of the City. Although controversial, Louisiana is enacting many of the re-development suggestions made by the ULI Advisory Panel today. The Louisiana District Council received an Honorary Award at the District Council session at Fall Meeting 2006, for its tenacity and resilience post Katrina.

In 2006 under the helm of Tara Hernandez, ULI Louisiana applied for and received its official District Council certification from ULI National DC and hit the ground running with 169 members. In 2007, ULI Louisiana organized a Young Leaders Group Development Workshop Series and spearheaded a TAP for the Covington Trailhead.

In 2008, ULI Louisiana launched its 1st Annual What’s Really Going On program which has become the chapter’s signature event and one of the most anticipated of the year. In addition, ULI Louisiana sponsored a Community Action Grant in Baton Rouge, as well as provided expertise to the City of New Orleans for its Master Plan Charter Amendment Program.

Andrea Huseman took the reigns as District Council Chair in 2009 – 2011. She expanded programming in New Orleans and in other regions of the state. Under her helm, ULI Louisiana was used as an Advisory Panel. She developed the What’s Really Going On and over the years has elevated the program to a regional event, forging a strategic partnership with Tulane University Masters in Sustainable Real Estate Program, UNO University Planning and Urban Studies and encouraging involvement from the local parish presidents and community leaders. Other programs included Financial Analysis of “The Deal”, cross-referencing community projects and tours of various new developments within Louisiana, as well as further expanding upon the Young Leadership Group.

The next District Council Chair, Marie Moore (2012-2013), lead the chapter as it embraced a regional approach, extending its membership from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport. Membership was at an all time high at 181 members and continually growing. In 2011, ULI Louisiana was awarded a $19,000 grant from ULI National for a Parking Benefits Study and again in 2012, a $10,000 grant for a Creative Action Event in Downtown Lafayette.

ULI Louisiana continues to making a difference in Louisiana by creating better land use practices and thriving, sustainable communities. Through the increased involvement from our members and the positive response to our programs from the community, ULI has become the go-to resource for real estate development expertise in our area.

Past District Council Chairs
Founder: Joseph Canizaro
David Waltemath
Pres Kabocoff
2001-2003 James E. Maurin
2003-2005 Reid R. Falconer
2005-2008 Tara C. Hernandez
2008-2009 Peter Aamodt
2009-2011 Andrea A. Huseman
2012-2013 Marie A. Moore
2013-2016 Steven Massicot
2016- Present Stephen Farnsworth, Outgoing
2019 – Incoming Chair, Anne Teague Landis