Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs)

Technical Assistance Panels

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) are part of the ULI Advisory Services program. TAPs were designed to be run and implemented by District Councils, the local chapters of ULI. Panelists for these one- to two-day work sessions are selected from the District Council’s membership to address land use challenges that require local knowledge to resolve.

As with other Advisory Services panels, the scope of the work is defined by the sponsor. An objective team of seasoned professionals forms the panel, and its recommendations often build upon the community’s existing accomplishments. As always, the outcome is of the high quality for which ULI is known.

Since the spring of 2014, ULI Louisiana has engaged its members in two TAPs. Below you will find the video TAP report that resulted from the March 2014 TAP conducted by ULI Louisiana, and sponsored by the Downtown Development District of New Orleans.