Advisory Services

Creative, practical solutions for the most challenging issues facing today’s urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Advisory Services panels work together with communities around the world to:

  • Deliver fresh insights and discover innovative solutions to complex real estate development and land use challenges.
  • Provide candid and unbiased input from expert land use professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to serve as panelists.
  • Kick-start critical conversations and deliver results, all in a concentrated one-week effort.

Since 1947, the Advisory Services program has worked with local governments, private developers, communities, community development corporations, and many other organizations to address challenging real estate and land use issues facing communities today.

Panels bring together the best and brightest from ULI’s diverse membership—developers, planners, financiers, market analysts, economists, architects, designers, and public officials—to provide practical solutions and objective advice not available from any other source.

ASImpact2013_Flo CoverFor more than 65 years, the Advisory Services program has been providing strategic advice to communities on a wide array of land use and real estate topics. Many panels’ recommendations have powerfully affected the cities that hosted them and transformed them forever. This report tells the stories of 11 of these panels, which took place around the world between 1948 and 2011 and cover topics ranging from the rebuilding of downtown Oklahoma City following the 1995 bombing to the redevelopment of Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. In some cases, the panel’s recommendations were implemented within a few years; in others, implementation took decades; and in still others, progress has yet to be made.

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In December of 2015, ULI conducted an Advisory Services Panel in St. Tammany Parish.

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A Report on Adaptive Reuse: Charity Hospital New Orleans, Louisiana Development Scenarios for Reuse and Revitalization of Charity Hospital November 5–10, 2017

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